The Behavioral Pattern of Women Gamblers

Participation of women in gambling is steadily rising. Though gambling is a male-centric pursuit, the number of women players is on the rise, as recent research exhibits. Earlier gambling was a predominantly male affair, but the shift is noticeable in current years. Research on gambling habits was based on male players and assumed they are more prone to problem gambling, but recent prevalence studies show men and women equally exposed to gambling and derive pleasure from it. Modern technology, accessibility, and social norms are to name a few factors for an increasing number of men and women gamblers.

Other preferences

It is not an understatement to say men and women have different wagering habits and preferences. Men like to play solo, while women enjoy gambling in groups. Moreover, games of skill such as poker and blackjack are preferred by male players, while women love to play more simplistic games like slot or roulette, where luck is the determining factor. Games of skill, where the house edge is minimal, attract male players, while the excitement is the prime cause for women gamblers. Some men play casino games on online sites like fun88 entrance (fun88 ทางเข้าor venture into Vegas-style houses to show persona among friends, fiancée or family members. At the same time, the prime drive of women for gambling is fun and socializing.


UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) conducted a study on the gambling pattern of both men and women in 2017. The paper revealed that 44% of UK women have indulged in some sort of gambling in the past month, while for men, the figure stood at 54%. It also exhibited that millennial played more casino games than their adult counterpart. The favored list of casino games for women includes social games, keno, slot bingo, and lottery that do not require skill or concentration.

Group experience emphasis

As women tend to focus on group experience while wagering, they tend to ignore skill-based games. The alluring visual and audio effect of slot machine attract them more as it gives a party vibe. The fat payout of the progressive slot is another incentive. They prefer games with shorter time spans; lottery and slots do not require much time, while keno and bingo have potential payouts with lots of fun elements.


Signs of problem gambling manifest differently in women; they tend to become silent and stressed, while men become aggressive in words and actions. A 2018 gambling problem study shows women who are lonely and stressed are prone to compulsive gambling; women who play alone from home or other places get bored and can become a victim of addiction. Gambling in groups is healthy and entertaining, as individual does not get bored easily. Men and women react differently when they incur a loss in a casino game. The former shows signs of anger and frustration, while the fair sex becomes reserved with subdued body language typical of depression.

Both enjoy

Although men and women differ in reactions and viewpoints regarding gambling, both enjoy wagering at online casinos such as fun88 entrance (fun88 ทางเข้า). The stigma towards gambling is subsiding; it is emerging as mainstream entertainment for cosmopolitan people regardless of their sex.

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